Why is tracking time important for professional services?

Tracking time is esential for Professional services organizations because it provides data that is the foundational to run their business. Time tracking and time management are vital in modern professional services. In our high-technology society, time is the most precious resource, everyone wants to use his time efficiently, especially if to talk about large organizations and their leaders. We can not buy more time, but we can use it in a productive way.

Tracking time is really important when you’re leading your own business, because of managing your employees time spent on various tasks and activities. It’s also help them to avoid procrastination during worktime – they have to do the task in specific duration. They can also see results of each other, to it’s pushing them do to everything more productively.

That is an opportunity for employer as well – customized reports show him how much time in company is wasted and how to improve it. Tracked time need to be accurately analyzed. Generating reports from your time logging data will allow you to see: how employees use their time as a group, productivity of each employee, how much time and money specific project have taken, which project was the most cost-effective.

Below, we’ll share more about the power of time tracking and tips for convincing your team to appreciate it.

Your Project Managers will be more effective if they have better data

We’ve heard it said that the only thing worse than having to track time is being responsible for other people tracking their time.

Project Managers are highly skilled at keeping track of all the moving parts that are constantly changing throughout a project’s lifecycle. If they don’t have up-to-date data, it can be difficult for them to answer key questions to keep the process going.

Your team is more likely to actually track their time if they understand the real cost of inaccurate timesheets

It’s vital for your team members to understand how they fit within the ecosystem of the company and why their time matters. Plus, if you can get your team onboard with time tracking, it relieves some of the burden that your Project Managers inherently take on by having to chase people down.

You can improve future projects estimates if you have accurate historical data to measure against

If your team can’t easily access a project retrospective, your estimated fees for every future project will be thrown off, and it can easily result in undercharging clients or underscoping the time it will take your team to complete similar work.

Estimation doesn’t need to be an art; it can be a science. With HAWK-I GPS PUNCH CLOCK you can reuse once collected data to identify areas for improvement next time.

Strategically implementing time tracking will set your team up for success (and hopefully be less of an uphill battle)

Requiring your team to track time can be a burden on them, but not if you implement it strategically.

To be successful, you shouldn’t ask your team to report more detail than you need to collect actionable information. At a minimum, you should be assigning approximate hours towards projects and phases. Ideally, you’re recording actual hours against categories, and even adding quick descriptive notes.

Keeping the level of detail in check will also be beneficial when running reports later on to understand where your team is spending their time at a high level, instead of getting into the weeds with how much time was spent on specific one-off tasks.

So, should your company track time?

Our response is typically a resounding “Yes!” because the cost of hidden or inaccurate data affects the whole team, lack of visibility into the process affects the bottom line, and the time it takes the team to manage these challenges could be better spent on actual project work.

HAWK-I GPS PUNCH CLOCK makes time tracking easy by keeping it simple, while also giving visibility into your projects, people, and budgets in one place so you and your team can make better strategic decisions, quickly.

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